Anglers Choice Hook Sharpener


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Elevate Your Hook Sharpness with Anglers’ Choice Hook Sharpener

Precision and Comfort Combined: Experience an ergo-correct grip that seamlessly fits between your thumb and finger, providing the perfect hold for sharpening hooks effectively.

Superior Sharpness in a Snap: This sharpener boasts two round, super fine grit metal files that run parallel, creating a v-groove. Simply run your hook’s interior and exterior back and forth in this v-groove to achieve a razor-sharp point with ease.

Product Description: The Anglers’ Choice Hook Sharpener, model JFSP-036, is your go-to tool for swiftly restoring hooks to their pristine condition. Its compact design ensures convenient storage in your tackle box or pocket. The hook hone stones feature super fine grit for both wet and oil honing, providing an excellent, cost-effective solution. Elevate your fishing gear with this essential countertop impulse product.

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