Orange Crush/Fanta Hawken SSD30004 Simon Spin Dawg 3.0 / #4 / Orange Front / Chartreuse Tiger, Green and Chartreuse Tip

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Simon 3.0 Spin Dawg
Lighted Simon 3.0 Spin Dawgs will change the way you salmon fish forever. Trolled behind a 360 Flasher, the Simon Spin Dawg comes alive with a darting, rolling, crippled baitfish action that triggers a fishes predatory instinct to strike.

After years of testing 3D printed spin-bait designs, the data collected unlocked the secret to this lure category. It’s spin-rate NOT the bait inside the lure that triggers a strike. Gone are the days of fingers, hands, and clothes smelling like canned tuna. The inline, drag free design of the Simon Spin Dawg allows for a spin-rate that is almost identical to the Simon 3.5 spinners.

Don’t misunderstand, we know there are times spin-rate and action aren’t enough to get the job done. That’s why we have incorporated a scent chamber / light stick carrier into these lures. Teaming up with Pro-Cure Scent we have developed an extra thick super concentrated line of scents that slowly dissipate when trolled but won’t simply wash off.

Light’um Up! Specifically designed for the Great Lakes fisheries, Alaska, and cloudy days – anywhere USA, the final touch to these amazing Spin-Baits is our powder based, super bright light sticks. Just activate and press them into the channel on the back of the lure. Used day or night this added glow can prove irresistible. (Fishing this lure without scent or light stick will NOT affect the action or their effectiveness.)