Lamiglas G1000 Pro GP106MHC – 10’6″ 10-20lb Cast (Troll, Float)10’6″ Two Piece Casting Rod 1/2 1 1/2 oz weight Mod/Fast Action Med/Heavy Power Made in USA

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The G1000 Pro is a premium and durable handcrafted workhorse. Since 1974, the G1000 Pro Series has been a staple among the salmon and steelhead communities up and down the west coast. Today, anglers across the USA (and beyond) are well aware of the reputation and capability that this rod lineup brings to the table. The light action steelhead models are a dream, fully capable yet light, balanced and effective in hand. The heavier models have accounted for some of the largest king salmon ever caught on the Kenai River. Fuji double-locking reel seats, subtle blue trim, and a gorgeous polished graphite finish round out a beautiful but classic look and feel.
GP106MHC : It?s versatile, it?s tall, and it can put the hurt on a fish! This is the ultimate chinook bobber rod as the length allows easy line control/mending and the medium-heavy power has backbone to turn and fight fish. You could also hang this out the side of the boat for lighter trolling methods and get a great response from the mod/fast action

10’6″ Two Piece Casting Rod

10-20 lb. line

1/2 1 1/2 oz weight

Mod/Fast Action

Med/Heavy Power

Made in USA