Lamiglas Kwik XCC 1064 GH | 15-30lb Cast Troll, 360 Flasher, Diver, Downrigger)Made in USA

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From the handcrafted blanks to the tough, performance Fuji components, these are the best boat rods that money can buy. If you?re hanging rods out of rod-holders, pulling divers, loading into downriggers, sending plugs out…it will be optimally handled by the XCC Series.

Built from a composite of fiberglass and graphite, the action of these rods can not be counterfeited.

These rods allow trolled, back-trolled plugs and bait to produce more action. The softness of the glass in the tip section of the blank allows for the fish to take the bait before feeling the rod ? but the power of the graphite in the bottom section of the rod allows for deep hook penetration and fish fighting power.

The XCC Kwik series rods have long been known as the most functional salmon/steelhead trolling rods on the market, now they are also the most attractive looking. The CFX carbon fiber grips paired with the ultra thin matte black finish on the blank not only makes them more appealing to the eye, but also creates a lighter overall rod with increased sensitivity, while still maintaining the incredible durability that the rods are known for.

Custom CFX Carbon Fiber Weave Grips

Matte Black Blank Finish w/ Silver Inlays

Black Fuji Deluxe Double Locking Reel Seat

Black Fuji Stainless Steel Guides

Designed and Handcrafted by Lamiglas
Newly Updated Style!

Top-level salmon rod with great ability for spreading baits out. Capable of trolling lead with herring, anchovies and flashers. Can run 360 flashers with superbaits for the perfect rod tip “thump” or work as a spinner trolling rod. Works great in salmon float situations (think 2oz floats with eggs and shrimp)

Features Double-Lock Reel Seats and highly durable Fuji Guides

CFX Carbon Fiber Handle with rubberized butt cap.
1-16oz troll weight
USA Made – Incredible Action