Owner Treble Hook STY-35MF | 2/0, 5pk, Model 5635-126


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Your go-to choice for treble hooks designed to enhance your fishing experience. These hooks are a close relative of the popular ST-36 series, but with some distinctive features that set them apart.

Short Shank, Wider Gaps:

The STY-35MF hooks are engineered with a shorter shank, offering you the advantage of using larger gapped hooks without the concern of trebles tangling or fouling on each other. This unique design also results in less flexing of the hook shanks, ensuring robust and reliable performance.

150° Premium Point Position (PPP):

One of the standout features of these treble hooks is the innovative 150° PPP (Premium Point Position). Unlike the conventional 120° angle between all three hook points, the STY-35MF hooks split two of the hook points out at a wider 150° angle. This adjustment allows the hook points to extend slightly farther away from the hardbait body, significantly increasing the chances of hooking elusive fish that might otherwise slip away. Moreover, this wider gap also minimizes the damage done to your baits and preserves the sharpness of the hook points over time.

Silky Gray Frictionless Finish:

OWNER takes performance to the next level by equipping these treble hooks with their proprietary Silky Gray frictionless finish. This finish encourages superior hook penetration through gill plates and even the toughest parts of a fish’s mouth, ensuring your hook sets are clean and precise.

Round Bends and Super Needle Points:

The STY-35MF treble hooks feature round bends, providing a secure and reliable hooking mechanism. Their Super Needle Points are finely honed to pierce through the toughest of fish lips, ensuring a solid connection when it matters most.

Proper Rigging:

When rigging your baits with these treble hooks, remember to follow the recommended technique. Place the front treble with the point in line with the eye, facing forward, while positioning the rear treble with the point in line, facing rearward. This configuration optimizes your chances of hooking fish effectively and securely.

The OWNER STINGER TREBLE STY-35MF HOOKS are not your average treble hooks. With their shorter shanks, wider gaps, innovative PPP, Silky Gray finish, and precise design features, they are a game-changer for anglers seeking improved hookups and increased success on the water. Upgrade your fishing gear with these hooks, and experience the difference for yourself.

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