Owner 3/0 Stinger, Treble Hook ST-36BC 5pk


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Enhancing Your Fishing Game with Owner Stinger Treble Hook ST-36

Prepare to revolutionize your fishing experience with the Owner Stinger Treble Hook ST-36. As a product of true innovation from Owner America Corporation, these hooks take hook technology to new heights, providing you with unparalleled advantages in the water. Discover the unique features that set the ST-36 apart and why top lure manufacturers trust them for their baits’ performance.

The Power of Wide-Gap Round Bend Hooks

The ST-36 Stinger Treble Hook boasts wide-gap round bend hooks, designed to bite deep and hold tight. With these hooks, you can increase your chances of landing more fish that you hook, ensuring your prized catches make it into the boat.

A Trilateral Configuration: Engineering Excellence

Unlike traditional treble hooks that are assembled from two pieces, the ST-36 is meticulously engineered from four separate components. Three hooks are soldered together in a perfect trilateral configuration, and the eye is directly attached to the center of the hooks. This strategic design creates a balanced treble hook that hangs perfectly, helping your lure run straight and true through the water.

Preferred Choice of Top Lure Manufacturers

The ST-36 Stinger Treble Hooks have earned the trust of top lure manufacturers for a good reason. These premium hooks contribute to their baits’ optimal performance by ensuring they track straight and true in the water. As a result, anglers using the ST-36 experience increased success in attracting fish.

Ultra-Sharp Conical Points for Superior Hooksets

The ST-36 hooks are equipped with ultra-sharp conical points, providing exceptional sticking power. Now when a fish bites, these points penetrate easily and hold on firmly, delivering better hooksets and reducing the chances of losing your catch.

Corrosion Resistant Black Chrome Finish

Worry no more about dull points and weakened hooks after repeated use. The ST-36 Stinger Treble Hooks feature a corrosion-resistant black chrome finish, keeping the hooks sharp and strong, even with frequent fishing excursions.

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