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Versatile and Robust: Owner® 5115 SSW Hook for All Live Bait Fishing

The Owner® 5115 SSW Hook is a must-have for anglers looking to bait up with night crawlers, minnows, crabs, shrimp, or blood worms. It is suitable for targeting walleye, panfish, surf, and bay fishing, offering a combination of strength, precision, and reliability for successful hooksets, even on light bites. Let’s dive into the key features that make the Owner® 5115 SSW Hook a go-to choice for live bait fishing in all waters.

Targeting Walleye and Panfish: A Baiting Masterpiece

When it comes to enticing walleye and panfish, the Owner® 5115 SSW Hook is the ultimate baiting companion. Whether you’re using night crawlers or minnows, this hook offers the perfect balance of strength and sensitivity to attract and secure these popular freshwater species.

Surf and Bay Fishing: Rigging Excellence

For anglers venturing into surf and bay fishing, the Owner® 5115 SSW Hook is a game-changer. Rigging crabs, shrimp, or blood worms becomes a breeze with this versatile hook, ensuring you’re well-prepared to take on the challenges of saltwater fishing.

Ultra-Strong for Unyielding Battles

No fish stands a chance against the Owner® 5115 SSW Hook’s ultra-strong construction. Whether you’re dealing with walleye’s finesse bites or the powerful struggles of saltwater species, this hook is designed to handle the toughest battles, ensuring you stay in control from the hookup to the landing.

Reversed-Bend Super Needle Point™: The Key to Solid Hooksets

The Owner® 5115 SSW Hook features a reversed-bend Super Needle Point™, elevating its hooksetting capabilities to the next level. Even on light bites, you can rely on this precision point to penetrate quickly and securely, increasing your chances of a successful hookup.

Forged Shank with Up-Eye: Durable and Convenient

Crafted with a forged shank and an up-eye design, the Owner® 5115 SSW Hook exhibits exceptional durability and ease of use. These features ensure that your bait remains secure on the hook, allowing you to focus on your fishing technique and landing more catches.

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