VMC Techset Siwash Hooks 1/0, 5pk


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VMC Techset Siwash Short Shank Hooks are single hooks designed for lures, featuring a technical locking curve for maximum hook sets and secure fish retention. Ideal for freshwater and saltwater use, they are perfect for spoons and crankbaits without split rings. These 2X strong, forged hooks are made from hi-carbon steel with a needle point, offset point, and large open eye.


Discover the exceptional VMC Techset Siwash Short Shank Hooks, meticulously crafted as single hooks explicitly tailored for lures. These remarkable hooks incorporate a technical locking curve, ingeniously designed to maximize hook sets and securely immobilize fish upon capture. Their versatility extends to both freshwater and saltwater applications, making them an ideal choice for spoons and crankbaits that do not require split rings.

Crafted from high-quality hi-carbon steel, these hooks possess superior strength and durability due to their forged construction. The needle point ensures precise and efficient penetration, while the offset point enhances hooking capability. Additionally, the hooks feature a generously sized open eye, enabling effortless attachment to your fishing setup.

With their formidable 2X strong build, the VMC Techset Siwash Short Shank Hooks are engineered to withstand the rigors of demanding fishing conditions. Whether you’re pursuing freshwater species or embarking on exciting saltwater ventures, these hooks deliver unwavering performance, making them a top choice for discerning anglers seeking the utmost in quality and effectiveness.

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