Yakima Bait 704-DT SPINFISH, 4″ Trolling Plug w/Bait Scent Chamber, Pre-Rigged w/24″ 30LB Fluorocabon, 2ea-3/0 Singles, Double Trouble

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Yakima Baits Spinfish
This Patented bait/scent-holding UV trolling plug features a pull-apart ?easy-fill? scent dispersing bait chamber that is ideal for trolling. The new way of combining bait and lure is quickly becoming one of the most effective lures on the market.
New from Yakima Bait is the SpinFish? bait-holding lure, representing a new concept in combining lure-and-bait to produce more and bigger fish. The SpinFish features a patented pull-apart Easy-Fill bait chamber and scent-dispersing design. When trolled or still-fished in current this lure will produce a vibrating, spinning, wounded-baitfish action that fish devour. The SpinFish can be rigged to spin clockwise or counter clockwise and unlike other bait- holding lures, it needs no rubberbands to keep the lure together. Just pull it apart, fill it with bait, push it back together and it is ready to fish.

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