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Gamakatsu introduces an innovative hook explicitly designed to handle substantial baits and target mighty fish. This hook fulfills the crucial requirement of being large enough to accommodate sizeable baits while maintaining an optimal weight for successful hook sets.

Introducing the remarkable Big River Bait hook by Gamakatsu, specially crafted for deploying larger cut baits when pursuing formidable Catfish and Sturgeon. Its distinctive bend, resembling that of an Octopus hook, exhibits a more pronounced slope at the back, coupled with a sharper angle bend at the bottom and a subtle beak point. This unique design imparts a heightened level of aggression, setting it apart from traditional Octopus hooks.

The bend of the Big River Bait hook also grants it an extended gap, enabling it to accommodate significantly larger baits. To ensure robustness, this hook is built slightly heavier than an Octopus hook within the same size range. Additionally, it is forged for enhanced strength, guaranteeing durability during intense fishing sessions. The inclusion of an up eye allows for easy snelling, streamlining the baiting process.

With the Gamakatsu Big River Bait Hook, anglers can confidently tackle the challenge of using substantial baits and targeting colossal fish, all while ensuring a reliable and effective hook set.

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