Shortbus 11″, 360 Flasher, Mirror Pink (Metallic Pink)


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Unleash Unforgettable Fishing Adventures with Shortbus Super Series 11″ Flashers

Precision Engineered Trolling Flashers for Unrivaled Success

Elevate your fishing endeavors to new heights with the exceptional Shortbus Super Series 11″ Flashers. Designed to entice strikes from a diverse range of sportfish, these trolling flashers redefine your angling experience with precision engineering and innovation.

A Versatile Solution for All Fishing Environments

Whether you’re navigating serene freshwater lakes or braving the open expanse of the ocean, Shortbus Flashers stand as your ultimate angling companions. Their holographic colors have been meticulously crafted to captivate species like salmon, steelhead, kokanee, and beyond, promising potential trophy catches on every fishing expedition.

Ingenious Features for Enhanced Performance

Shortbus Flashers don’t just stop at appearance – their ingenious features make them stand out. Crafted with a robust 1/8″ thickness, each 11″ flasher guarantees longevity and resilience, ensuring they endure the challenges of your fishing adventures. The inclusion of dual ball-bearing swivels and Duo-Lock snaps guarantees effortless rotation and quick changes, while the well-designed large hole streamlines snap swapping for adapting to dynamic conditions.

Quality Packaging, Transformative Results

Experience the meticulous dedication to quality and attention to detail with each Shortbus Flashers Super Series 11″ flasher. Every pack equips you with a transformative tool that enhances your trolling success. Whether you’re a seasoned angler on the hunt for that ultimate catch or a novice eager to learn, these flashers guarantee an unforgettable journey through the waters.

Seamless Adaptability for Thriving Success

Shortbus Flashers excel in both freshwater and saltwater environments, showcasing their remarkable versatility. With their captivating holographic allure and precision engineering, these flashers beckon strikes, transforming each fishing day into a potential triumph.

Unveil the Secrets of Success with Shortbus Super Series 11″ Flashers

Experience the perfect fusion of innovation and angling with Shortbus Flashers. Each cast holds the promise of excitement, where innovation meets the art of fishing. Unleash your potential with the Shortbus Super Series 11″ Flashers – a single pack opens the door to limitless experiences on the water.

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