VMC Techset Siwash Hooks#4, 6pk


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Upgrade your fishing gear with the VMC Techset Siwash Open Eye Hook. It maximizes hook sets and is perfect for aggressive fish like salmon. Crafted from forged hi-carbon steel, it offers durability and optimal performance. Enhance your lures without split rings with this powerful hook.


Upgrade your fishing arsenal with the VMC 7174 Techset Siwash Open Eye Hook, perfect for replacing standard factory hooks on spinnerbaits, spoons, and other baits. Designed to handle vigorously thrashing fish like salmon, this hook provides superior performance. It’s an excellent choice when fishing in areas with hook point restrictions, allowing you to swap out treble hooks for the VMC Siwash hook.

The Techset hook features a technical locking curve, ensuring maximum hook sets and secure fish retention. Its 1X strong needle point is forged from high-carbon steel, guaranteeing durability and reliability. Designed specifically for lures without split rings, this hook is ideal for spoons and crankbaits.

Featuring a large open eye, the VMC Techset Siwash Open Eye Hook facilitates easy attachment to your fishing gear. With its regular shank and 1X strength, this hook strikes the perfect balance between strength and versatility.

If you’re passionate about a particular lure but want to improve its hooking power, the VMC Techset Siwash Open Eye Hook is the ideal alternative. Upgrade your setup and increase your chances of landing big and powerful fish with confidence.

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